CERN hostel

The CERN hostel is located on the main CERN campus in Meyrin. The hostel website provides some general information.

Information for wifi connection at CERN can be found here.


Airport to CERN


Taxis wait outside the arrivals terminal. The average cost of a ride from the airport to CERN is between 30 and 40 CHFs.

CERN is on 385, Route de Meyrin. Ask to go to entrance B (entrée B). You could also stop at the Reception building 33 (closed on Sunday, and after 17:15 on weekdays).


Public transport

Free tickets for public transport can be printed from ticket machines located at the exits from the baggage claim area. This ticket entitles you to a free ride on buses, trams and trains in the "Tout Genève" region for a period of 80 minutes, when produced along with your flight ticket or boarding pass (into Geneva).

Please note that once you are out of the baggage claim area, you cannot go back in to print a free ticket. Tickets can also be bought at the automatic machines located at the bus stops or on the way to the train station located in the airport ("tout Genève" button on the ticket machine, cost 3.50CHF).

Bus stops: Once in the arrivals meeting area, turn right and walk to the end of the terminal (signposted P51), past the post office, Montreux Jazz cafe and the car rental desks. Exit the building and cross the coach drop-off area to find the the bus stop for buses Y, 23, 28 and 57 going downhill.


Bus + tram

Bus 57 direction 'Gare de Meyrin' (get off at 'Blandonnet') + tram 18 direction 'CERN'

Bus 28 direction 'Parfumerie' (get off at 'Blandonnet') + tram 18 direction 'CERN'

Bus 23 direction 'ZIPLO' (get off at 'Blandonnet') + tram 18 direction 'CERN'


Bus 'Y' direction 'Val-Thoiry'


Train + tram

In the arrivals terminal follow signs to the train station, which should lead you through a set of revolving doors.

All trains that leave Geneva Cointrin Airport stop next in Geneva Main Station (Gare Cornavin/ Geneva RailCity). Once you exit the station, you will find many tram and bus stops. The tram 18 stops under the railway bridge.


Please check the tpg public transport timetable before travelling.




Entrance to CERN is from the main entrance (Entrée B) or the reception (building 33). Show your ID to the gate guards/receptionist and they will let you in (they will have a lists of names of people staying at the hostel).

Then, walk to the hostel reception (building 39) using the map below.

Entrée B opening hours:

7/7 days - 24/24 hours

CERN's reception opening hours:

Mon-Fri: 8am - 5.45pm

Sat: 8.30am - 5.15pm

Sun: closed

CERN hostel reception opening hours can be found here.

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