Winning posters will be given a 10 (8+2) minutes oral presentation on Friday. 

Poster guidelines

Posters can be put on display from 12:00 Monday, February 14 to 16:00 Friday, February 19.

  • The poster must not exceed size A0 portrait (maximum height 120 cm, maximum width 85 cm).
  • The top-centre of the poster should display the title, author(s) with their institutions and one contact email address.
  • All text information should be of font 24 or larger.
  • The poster must NOT be a commercial/product sales poster. Any poster that is deemed to be a commercial advertisement will be removed from the conference as unaccaptable. The judgement of the Scientific Committee will be final.
  • Poster presenters may not use audio-visual equipment, but are welcome to bring along handouts associated with their presentation.
  • Pushpins will be provided, and are the only method for attaching the posters to the board.



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