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                   Scientific poster list

1 Toward brachytherapy with ytterbium sources Akulinichev, Sergey
2 Conformal proton therapy with passive scattering Akulinichev, Sergey
3 RBE for Carbon ions In Vivo for Tumor Control and Normal Tissue Damage Alsner, Jan
4 PET scanning of ocular melanoma after proton irradiation Amin, Tanjilul
5 Ocular Melanoma cells in the presence of nanoparticles against cobalt 60 radiation therapy- Monte Carlo and In Vitro studies Asadi, Somayeh
6 Laser therapy of human choroidal Melanoma in the presence of gold nanoparticles - Monte Carlo and In Vitro Study Asgari, Mehdi
7 A systematic Monte Carlo study on the dosimetric and imaging properties of C-11 and O-15 beams Augusto, Ricardo
8 Alanine as a Dose Verification Tool for Carbon Ion In-Vivo Irradiation Bassler, Niels
9 Gamma Locator for Radionuclide Diagnostics Of Oncological Diseases Berdnikova, Anastasia
10 Evaluation of the size of micrometric/nanometric dosimeters for use in radiotherapy and medical physics Beuve, Michaël
11 From 2D to 3D: Proton radiography and proton CT in proton therapy: A simulation study Biegun, Aleksandra
12 Investigation on novel solution for a positioning system in protontherapy Bourhaleb, Faiza
13 GEANT4 simulation of dose deposition in patients from TomoTherapy Hi-Art Megavoltage computed tomography (MVCT) imaging Brochu, Frederic
14 Increasing PET scanner resolution using a Silicon detector probe Brzezinski, Karol
15 PET Scanning Protocols for In-Situ Dose Delivery Verification of Proton Therapy Buitenhuis, Tom
16 CTV-PTV margin reduction using prediction of respiration-induced tumour motion Bukhari, Waqas
17 Development of a PET Insert for Human Brain Imaging: Detection System Campos Rivera, Natalia
18 A local and global liver function model Cao, Yue
19 Proton scattering radiography using an emulsion detector: a feasibility study Carzaniga, Tommaso
20 Development of a track structure detector for biologically weighted treatment planning in particle therapy Casiraghi, Margherita
21 62 MeV Proton beams induced DNA damage in hypoxic conditions Chaudhary, Pankaj
22 Laser accelerated ultra high dose rate protons induced DNA damage under hypoxic conditions Chaudhary, Pankaj
23 Faster QA through improved proton calorimetry. Another spin-off from particle physics Chirvase, Cezarina
24 Simulation of recombination in an air filled ionization chamber Christensen, Jeppe Brage
25 The GEMpix detector as a real-time 2D dosimeter in external photon beam radiotherapy Claps, Gerardo
26 First tests to implement an in-house 3d-printed photon bolus procedure using clinical treatment planning system data Dipasquale, Giovanna
27 Brain motion induced artefacts in Microbeam Radiation Therapy: a Monte Carlo study Donzelli, Mattia
28 How to produce the highest tin-117m specific activity? Duchemin, Charlotte
29 Tb-155 production with gadolinium target: proton, deuteron or alpha beam? Duchemin, Charlotte
30 RapidArc commissioning and dosimetric verification using EPID portal dosimetry system Dwivedi, Shekhar
31 Dosimetric Measurement for Isocentre Blocked Boost Fields in 3D-CRT Treatment Plans Dwivedi, Shekhar
33 Proton beam irradiation inhibits cellular motility in vitro Elas, Martyna
34 Experimental study of Radiation induced DNA damage by internal Auger electron cascade compared to external γ-rays Fredericia, Pil
35 Multiple Code Comparisons of Proton Interactions in the Presence of Gold Nanoparticles in the Human Eye Gaeini, Shaghayegh
36 Characterization of the immune component in the lung of KP mouse with pulmonary adenocarcinoma: from infiltrated immune cells to tertiary lymphoid structures Gael, Boivin
37 Detectors for quality assurance of pencil beam scanning gantries for proton therapy Gagnon-Moisan, Francis
38 Spatial Resolution Enhancement in Integration-Mode Detectors for Proton Radiography and Tomography Gianoli, Chiara
39 Hybrid TOF-PET/MRI local transceiver coil Glowacz, Bartosz
41 The influence of chemical composition on quenching in proton irradiation of a new deformable 3D dosimeter Høye, Ellen Marie
42 Accelerated Prompt Gamma estimation for clinical Proton Therapy simulations Huisman, Brent
43 Correlation of Gross Tumour Volume and metabolic Tumour Volume for non-small cell lung cancer patients Jameson, Michael
44 Production of and research on medical radioisotopes at the heavy ion laboratory, university of warsaw Jastrzebski, Jerzy
46 Fast dose modulation in proton therapy with continuous line scanning Klimpki, Grischa
47 Criteria of spot asymmetry in proton radiotherapy pencil beam scanning – a Monte Carlo study Klodowska, Magdalena
48 191Os – revival of an out-of-favor radionuclide? Köster, Ulli
49 Prompt Gamma-ray Timing experiment during different modalities of proton beam delivery Kormoll, Thomas
50 Proton Beams for Physics Experiments at OncoRay Kormoll, Thomas
51 Development of the Flair tool for FLUKA Treatment Planning Verification Kozlowska, Wioletta
53 Front-end electronics and hit position reconstruction methods for the J-PET scanner Krzemień, Wojciech
54 Single-cell S-value calculations for Auger-electron emitting radionuclides Lee, Boon
55 Monte Carlo simulation of prompt-γ emission in proton therapy using a track length estimator Létang, Jean
56 Recent Improvements and Applications of the FLUKA Monte Carlo code in Hadrontherapy Mairani, Andrea
57 MONDO: a neutron tracker for particle therapy secondary emission fluxes measurements Marafini, Michela
58 Infrared study of the biochemical effects in glioma cells induced by x-rays and Gd nanoparticles: first studies at SESAME synchrotron (Jordan) Martínez-Rovira, Immaculada
59 Visualization of target inhomogeneities in carbon ion radiotherapy using nuclear fragments Martišíková, Maria
60 Evaluation of the DNA damage induced by 60 MeV proton irradiation by cytogenetic and molecular methods Miszczyk, Justyna
61 Induction of NSCs Quiescence and Neurogenesis Preservation in Mouse Adult Brain after FLASH Whole Brain Irradiation Montay-Gruel, PierreGabriel
62 Monte Carlo study of a high resolution monolithic silicon diode array for MRI-linac applications Oborn, Brad
63 Application of biophysical modelling for normal tissue response with immunological aspects in radiotherapy Oita, Masataka
66 Fused Toes Homolog (FTS) regulates EGF-induced epithelial–mesenchymal transition (EMT) and migration of cervical cancer cells Park, Woo Yoon
67 FRED: a fast MC tool for treatment planning and dose verification in proton therapy Patera, Vincenzo
68 The efficacy of IMRT, VMAT and IMPT to deliver highly conformal FET-PET guided boost in gliomas Petersen, Jørgen
70 Prompt gamma imaging of passively shaped proton fields with a knife-edge slit camera Priegnitz, Marlen
71 Evaluation of the usefulness of dose calculation algorithms in radiotherapy planning Rawojc, Kamila
72 Nuclear fragmentation in protontherapy Rebello Teles, Patricia
73 Internalization of iron nanoparticles by macrophages for the improvement of glioma treatment Reymond, Solveig
74 Clinical applicability of the Compton camera for Prompt γ-ray Imaging during proton therapy Rohling, Heide
75 A model for the relative biological effectiveness of protons based on the linear energy transfer spectrum Rørvik, Eivind
76 Design of an innovative beam monitor for particle therapy for the simultaneous measurement of beam fluence and energy Sacchi, Roberto
77 Variance Reduction of Monte Carlo Simulation in Nuclear Medicine Saidi, Pooneh
78 Reduced side effects by proton minibeam radiotherapy in a mouse ear model Schmid, Thomas
79 Helium and Oxygen beam models in TRiP98: implementation, treatment planning tests and experimental verification Scifoni, Emanuele
80 Size dependence of GNPs dose enhancement effects in cancer treatment – Geant4 and MCNP code Sharabiani, Marjan
81 Therapeutical Dose to Thyroid Remnants Determination for Low-risk Thyroid Carcinoma Patient Treated with rhTSH and 1.1 GBq 131I Solný, Pavel
82 Augmented reality supporting innovation and accuracy in advanced radiation therapy facilities Spoto, Salvatore
83 Improved proton stopping power ratio estimation for a deformable 3D dosimeter using Dual Energy CT Taasti, Vicki
84 Organizational response of the hypothalamus and pituitary to external beam radiation Taku, Nicolette
75 A model for the relative biological effectiveness of protons based on the linear energy transfer spectrum Rørvik, Eivind
85 Monte Carlo validation of the microPET FOCUS PET scanner using FLUKA Toufique, Yassine
86 4D dose calculations: Tetrahedral meshes versus voxel-based structures Touileb, Yazid
87 Realization of an innovative Dose Profiler for online range monitoring in particle therapy treatments Traini, Giacomo
88 Ocular Brachytherapy Dosimetry for103Pd and125I in The Presence of Gold Nanoparticles: Monte Carlo Study Vahidian, Mohamad
89 GEANT4 versus MCNP5: Monte-Carlo ophthalmic brachytherapy dosimetry in the presence of gold nanoparticles for 125I and 103Pd Vahidian Qazvini, Shervin
90 Assessment of MicroDiamond PTW 60019 detector and its use in small radiosurgery fields of Leksell Gamma Knife Veselsky, Tomas
91 ENTERVISION biological dosimetric phantom. Proof of concept and results Viana Miranda Lima, Thiago
92 Evaluation of Patients Dose in PET Studies from CT Contrast Agents Viana Miranda Lima, Thiago
93 Proton radiotherapy at PTC Czech in Prague Vilimovský, Jan
94 Yield study and optimization of nuclear isotopes for cancer treatment and diagnostics with ISOLTRAP/CERN Welker, Andree
95 Sonification as a method to distinguish the isometric force of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) compared to control participants Williams, Genevieve
96 Sonification to investigate gait transition Williams, Genevieve
97 HIF-1α plays a key role in the response of HNSCC cancer stem cells to photon and carbon ion exposures Wozny, Anne-Sophie
98 Small fields dose calculation algorithms in the presence of lung inhomogeneity Zergoug, Ismail
99 The mobile PET insert for simultaneous PET/MRI imaging Zieliński, Marcin
100 The use of nanoparticles to improve hadrontherapy Bolsa Ferruz, Marta
101 The Medicis-Promed Marie Curie training network Stora, Thierry
102 MIGRT and Radiobiophotonics Papineni, Rao

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