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Virginia Greco is an experimental particle physicist and science communicator. She has a Marie Curie Fellowship to work at CERN in the ATLAS experiment and is Bookshelf Editor of the CERN Courier. Previously, she worked in the Knowledge Transfer Group of CERN and was a member of the Organizing Committee of the first edition of ICTR-PHE, in 2012. She holds a Master’s degree in Electronic Engineering, a Ph.D. in Physics, and an official License of Journalism. Anaïs Schaeffer has worked in the CERN Communications Group, where she wrote articles for the CERN Bulletin. She now works as a freelance science journalist based in Berlin, and still collaborates regularly with CERN. She holds Master’s degrees in Geosciences and Science Communication.



Salvatore Fiore is an experimental particle physicists, and a passionate photographer. For ICTR-PHE 2016, he left aside scintillating crystals and silicon photomultipliers and took his camera. He holds a PhD in physics, works at ENEA and INFN in Italy, where he develops particle detectors for collider physics experiments, for fusion energy reactor diagnostics, and patented an intra-operative probe prototype.

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